How a 23 year old with no business experience or credibility got 158,817 followers and 14, 269 fans

(That 23 year old was me and I can show you exactly how to do the same)



Dear friend,

If you are in business as an entrepreneur, a small-to-medium business owner, an Internet Marketer or Social Media Manager…

...Who wants to know how to generate hoards of Traffic and make more sales using Social Media...

...but don't know where to start?...

… then you’ve come to the right place...


Because in just a short time, you could be the proud owner of a Social Media presence that your market is absolutely glued to and leaves your competitors green with envy


My name is Joseph Bushnell, over the last 6 years I have become a highly sought-after Social Media Consultant and have built one of the UK's most reputable Social Media Management companies. I believe in the power of Social Media and I know the effect it can have on your business, no matter what market you are in

The reason I know this is because...

I built my business using social media

I started out 5 years ago with nothing more than an idea. I had very little money, zero credibility and no market share whatsoever.

But I could see the potential...

And I decided that I would just start connecting with people and talking to them regardless of the situation I was in at the time.

Soon enough people started to talk back

And then with a little more fine tuning, the money started coming in

I still remember the feeling when I made my first sale using Social Media

It was early 2008. I had built a small following of people on Twitter when a lady from the USA sent me a direct message asking me if I could teach her what I had done to get the followers I had gained. We jumped on Skype and after I revealed what I had been doing she sent a small sum of money using PayPal. I didn't know it at the time but I had just had my first consulting call. It felt great to receive that money but what's more I had enjoyed the experience and found I had a passion for helping people with their social media

Today I have over 158,000 twitter followers, over 14,000 Facebook fans and many thousands more on my other social media profiles.I have built a targeted email list of over 2,500 subscribers all from social media. Anytime I put out a link I can generate several hundred, if not a couple of thousand clicks with my eyes closed. I can do this several times a day if I want.

But numbers alone are hollow. I'm not expecting you to be impressed by big numbers. What really counts, is that in the last 5 years I have learned how to monetize social media (that's the difficult part)

5 years later not only do I run my own successful business largely thanks to Social Media but I have run many successful Social Media campaigns for my clients too. I'm not just talking about from a training or consulting stand point but actually in the trenches, running the campaigns, being accountable for making them the money myself

I've helped others grow their business using Social Media

I can help you to do it too


So what exactly can Social Media do for your business??

Here are just a few things a properly managed Social Media campaign can do for your business...

  • Help you make more sales for any product or service you like
  • Get more inbound phone calls & email inquiries
  • Attract your target market so you can stay in constant contact with them
  • Drive loads of targeted traffic to your website or blog every single day
  • Build a monster sized, laser targeted email list
  • Help you gain instant credibility and authority in your market
  • Build massive social proof quickly
  • Distribute your content far and wide so it gets shared all over the web
  • Save money because the majority of social media traffic is free
  • Build trust & rapport with your audience by delivering value on a daily basis
  • Create a network of other top professionals in your industry & get big joint venture deals
  • Help get you to the top of the search engines
  • Get people to attend your live events & webinars


I'm sure you agree all those things are very nice, but notice I said you need a "Properly Managed" campaign. Because a lot of people go about Social Media Marketing all wrong and then end up coming to the conclusion that it doesn't work

It does work but only when done in the right way...

You need the right tools. You need the right knowledge. You need the right approach

My blueprint to Social Media success could be summed up in these simple yet often ignored steps...

1. You find a hungry audience & understand exactly what they really want

2. You consistently offer them information they value... by communicating with them in this way you will earn their trust & dissolve their natural resistance toward you

3. You occasionally make them an offer that resonates deeply and moves them to action. All the good work you have put in previously has helped them understand that you're the one they should be buying from. And that they should be buying from you NOW

4. You constantly continue to build your network & expand your reach


Sounds easy right? Well it is... but good luck trying to figure it all out on your own.

The 4 steps are simple but trust me there is a whole lot of "HOW??" in-between. Not to mention all the technical aspects of using Social Media sites. You could waste years rummaging around, trying to gather all the information that you need to know. That's why I have created...

The Social Media Marketing Academy


It's the most comprehensive & complete Social Media Marketing Training Course on the planet

Seriously, no kidding, I have left no stone unturned

It's everything that you ever needed to know about Social Media Marketing all in one place

The Social Media Marketing Academy is an over-the-shoulder video training series that will take you step by step through everything there is to know about Social Media Marketing

It's a no nonsense "How To" guide that will not only breakdown & simplify the more technical aspects of Social Media but also outline the marketing principles that will make your message more persuasive & position you as a key person of influence within your industry

There are also Quick Guides with every video for those who prefer reading or would like to complete the course in the fastest possible time

Social Media changes super fast, it seems like almost every month something new is happening or changing. That's why with the Social Media Marketing Academy you will always be the first to know the latest updates. If something changes I'll add a new training video with the up to date information on

Over the next 18 weeks I will be releasing all the new modules for 2012. Here's what's coming up...



Weeks 1 & 2 Twitter Masterclass


  • How I built a Twitter list of over 157,000 followers
  • The art of getting Retweets



Weeks 3-8 Facebook Marketing Mastery

  • How I got over 260,000 targeted likes for a clients Facebook page when they had no brand recognition (Nor did we hijack the name of a famous brand or celebrity, it was for their own brand)
  • The secret to increasing Like conversions by up to 600%
  • My Facebook ads method for paying as little as possible per click
  • How to craft your FaceBook event page so people are more likely to RSVP Yes & attend your events



Weeks 9 - 11 Youtube Wizardry

  • Traffic-getting strategies to get hundreds of thousands of views
  • 3 ways to monetize YouTube
  • How to get your video to the top of YouTube and Google search results for your keywords
  • The easy way to build a list of loyal subscribers



Weeks 12 - 14 LinkedIn Influence

  • Exactly how to use LinkedIn for business (It's different from all the other social networks)
  • The secrets of building a vibrant LI group
  • How to fill out your profile so you get ranked highly in LinkedIn search results
  • The science of creating an irresistible profile that makes people want to contact you
  • LinkedIn adverts domination


Weeks 15 & 17 Google Plus Dominance

  • Gplus traffic driving tips
  • Engage with your audience by holding Hangouts
  • Using Gplus to help with your Google SEO
  • The keys to getting more +1's



Week 18 Pinterest Supremacy

  • Ways to make your pictures go viral
  • My Pinterest traffic blueprint


OK sounds really good, but what's the price?

Well that depends on you. I'm a believer at rewarding action takers, so your investment will depend on when you decide to join.

Over the next 18 weeks the price will be going up each week at Friday 11.59 pm GMT until I reach the full amount I plan to charge. So if you act now, not only will you will start benefiting from the training immediately but you'll also lock in the best possible full membership fee too

You can get in at the price of just $497


Yes please, I would like to join for only $497

Temi Edun,
I went from receiving just a few inquiries per month to getting a few inquiries per day after I applied Joey's marketing techniques. I even had my products featured on one of the UK's biggest TV shows 'Big Brother' because they found me online


Melanie Forde,
I've just started using the Social Media Marketing Academy and i'm loving it because its really practical. Its given me all the insights that joey has into Facebook and the other social networks too. It’s like having a social marketing strategy in a box that I can refer back to and simply dip into the modules anytime, they are always there for me to see.
I'm finding the Facebook group really helpful too, it’s great to talk to all the others using the site. Joey has also given me one on one time too which I’m grateful for.
I would recommend it to anyone. Joey really knows his stuff & he is always looking to stay one step ahead of the market in understudying what the new things are, so you can always be sure, what you find on the Social Media Marketing Academy is what you're going to need


Martin Casper,
Too many individuals take social media in its lightest form and they do not appreciate the power that social media possesses. Even now, it is amazing how few businesses or marketers really get the concept of social media. Joey Bushnell really gets it. He has an uncanny sense of not only how social media works, but how to bring it to market. Joey has a deep desire to educate others whilst fulfilling his own passion as a social media & digital marketing entrepreneur. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for social media or digital marketing training, look no further than the Social Media Marketing Academy


Aina Nieva Fiati,
Thanks to my training from Joey I was able to increase the traffic to my website from 5,000 unique visits per month to over 43,000 unique visitors per month! I get so much new knowledge & information


Matthew Renfer,
Joseph's insights for breaking into the social media scene were invaluable. Not only did he provide useful tips for gaining a web audience, he was also very resourceful in directing me to essential links to get started. I highly recommend his training product


Raleigh Hussung,
Joey is very professional, easy to understand, and he knows how to navigate the internet and how to help his clients do the same. He is willing to go the extra mile to insure his clients' success. I completely endorse him. I have enjoyed completely my association with him and will continue to rely on him and his expertise


Vincenzo Migilore,
Thanks a lot Joey, You helped open my eyes to some traffic methods that I didn’t know even existed until you taught me them! You also gave me some really invaluable tips on how to improve & get the best out of the methods I already have implemented


Singe Eriksen,
I knew I had a lot to work on in regards to online marketing and social media, I was a bit confused to say the least. Thanks to the Social Media Marketing Academy I now know how to start. Thanks!


Eric Bryant,
Joey has paid his dues to become a leader in the field of social media marketing and obviously continues to keep up with what’s trending from week to week. Joey has a unique way of combining trends, theory, testing, and real-world experience into solutions and actionable plans that increase social media reach and thereby revenue and ROI. If you’re looking for real-world results, I highly recommend his social media training program


Anil Swarup,
Traffic & leads were difficult to get until I started with the Social Media Marketing Academy training. Joey taught me how to get more targeted traffic & build an email list, I’m now doing this so much better than I was before. I’m now working towards my other goals like increasing sales & conversions rates!


Dave Arena,
If you need some guidance or direction with your social media strategy or your online business in general, I’m certain that Joey is able to help you


Kavit Haria,
Joey Bushnell is my go to guy for FaceBook ads & Social media advice. He has helped me gather thousands of super targeted leads & make more sales using FB advertising whilst doing the best he can to keep our costs per click down, so that the ROI is even bigger. If you are thinking of running an FB ads campaign then Joeys Social Media Market Academy training will show you what you need to know


Andy Sacker,
I turn to Joey when I need advice on social media marketing. At the beginning I quickly went from skeptic to believer because it was so clearly obvious how well he knew his stuff. His tips & ideas can help you make money


Phill Turner,
I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with and learning from Joey. It’s been great. I even had him as a guest speaker at my event The Ministry of Traffic in June 2011 where he gave killer tips on Facebook marketing. He is very honest and very zoned in on helping other people with their social marketing which is not always easy to find in this industry. Thank you for what you’ve done and I wish you continued success!


Gavin Ingham,
When it comes to social media joey really knows what he’s talking about he’ll help you cut through the background noise and make a splash in your market. If you want to build your social media following, and get your message out there get on this program


John Scholz,
I found Joey because I wanted to increase my twitter presence. He taught me how to increase my followers, where to look for people who wanted to hear my message based on keywords & showed me the tools to save me time


“Rob Brown,”
Joey is one of those rare individuals that can make sense of the mysterious technological side of the internet and social media, and also build the deep human relationships that make the business world go around. A terrific, professional partner, Joey's knowledge goes deep and also wide, meaning his solutions are not just pertinent to your immediate problem, but strategic in terms of fitting in with everything else (you might not see) that's relevant to your business. A great guy to work with and one who really gets results!


“Irina Milova,”
Before Joey’s coaching I was scared of running Facebook ad campaigns, because I wasn’t sure how to make my adverts targeted and I thought it would cost me a lot of money to advertise on Facebook.
Learning from Joey was a great experience and a big step forward for my business. I am now in full control of my FB advert budget. I know what numbers to look at to estimate how well my advert is performing, when and which ad to pause and why.
Joey also taught me when it is the right time to play with your bid cost and lower your bid, and that the picture is as important as the title and the ad content. I became much more confident and I now promote webinars using Facebook ad campaigns.


“Hamza Hamza,”
Joseph has a great way of teaching social media marketing tactics that even the most inexperienced person can understand and use. His training is fun, simple to implement and most importantly, gets results!